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About Us


about us is managed by Hash365 Limited, founded in 2020 by Mr Adam Boyle in Great Britain with the business number #12875486 which is a brilliant delegate of the modern cryptocurrency syndicate. is global programmed finance platform that applies its advanced asset control service universally to the crypto passionate investors.

Hashminers adept standard focuses on the profoundly maintained crypto mining farms and several seasoned crypto trading routines including strategies over multiple Exchanges and markets. Our gratitude for the extraordinary diversification of our economics, we are able to deliver consecutive revenue for our investors. is entirely automatic, effortless and secure to use that even investors with no trading background can gain the advantage likewise. We not only perceive how to form a continuous manner of wages, but we are also inclined to yield our acquaintance and expertise. Our business model secures the essential shelter for your finances and offers accelerated development in profits.Join us today because is Simpler, Faster, Friendlier and most importantly Profitable!

Mission and Vision

At Hashminers Limited, we are bound to enhancing the community by abandoning better investment assistance. We are not anxious to steadily stimulate conservative sagacity and actively inspire innovation in order to pursue growth. We are dedicated to setting our clients at the heart of our business, expanding and maintaining long-standing relationships based on trust. We are one firm, engaged in performing the full range of our capabilities, knowledge and resources to meet the needs of our clients. We respect diversity and value variations of appraisal.

- Mr Adam Boyle